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Alaskan Ownership Stake Part I: 'Own a Piece of the Pipe'

Alaska's unique character embodies independence and self-reliance – traits rooted in our history and lodestars for our future. That spirit is integral to "The Alaskan Ownership Stake" - a strategic plan for the future of our state that is designed to harness the power of Alaska resources, Alaskan initiative, and the free market for the benefit of all Alaskans.

"The Alaskan Ownership Stake" is a multi-part plan to give Alaskans direct ownership over our own wealth. Part I of the Alaskan Ownership Stake centers on the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. It ensures that all Alaskans have the opportunity to "Own a Piece of the Pipe".

Alaskan Ownership Stake Part 1: "Own a Piece of the Pipe"

A letter from Ethan on "Own a Piece of the Pipe"

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