Why Ethan is Running

It means something special to be an Alaskan, something unique to each of us, and something shared by all of us. That's why Mara and I are raising our family here, and why we're proud to call Alaska home. It's why public service has been one of the privileges of my life – I've been honored to help shape the debate about our future, and to fight for what I believe Alaska can be and should be.

I'm running for Governor because the Alaska I know and love can be and should be much more. Alaska, more than any other place on the planet, has the resources – both physical and human – to face the future on our own terms: self-reliant, independent, and with justifiable optimism about our opportunities.

When you take stock of where Alaska is today, it is apparent that much has changed in the fifty years since statehood… and yet much remains the same – we're still too dependent on the federal government, too reliant on outside corporations, and too beholden to special interests. After fifty years, we have to stand on our own feet and assert the sovereignty that was envisioned when this bold experiment began. It is time to put Alaska first again.

It is time to implement an energy plan that harnesses Alaskan energy and develops jobs and affordable power for Alaska's people. It is time to revitalize our education system and ensure a bright future for the next generation. It is time to add value to our resources and strengthen our economy. It is time to contain the costs of government, and fix the problems with healthcare. It is time to build the transportation and communications infrastructure that reliably connects our families, communities and businesses to each other and the world. It's time to take a new direction.

I believe in Alaska. Our story is one that's rooted in survival. Our history is one of uniting to overcome even the greatest of odds. It is a concept woven into the very fabric of our communities. It is time for leadership that embodies these qualities,leadership that calls on Alaskans to put our differences aside in favor of a higher purpose: to put Alaska first. With your help, we can succeed.

Ethan's Name