Parnell Gets Bailout of His Own

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 21, 2010

ANCHORAGE - KTUU Channel 2 and KIMO Channel 13 in Anchorage have confirmed that the Republican Governors Association has purchased nearly $275 thousand in advertising for Sean Parnell's campaign. The complete advertising buy statewide approaches $300 thousand.

Ethan Berkowitz responded: "First Sean bails out TransCanada and Exxon, and now Outsiders bail out his tanking campaign to the tune of $300 thousand bucks.

"It's more proof that Sean's zero ideas and zero accountability have caught up to him. And what is Sean's response? Does Sean man up and take action? No. He relies on Outside interests to save him.

"His Washington bailout sums up difference between our two campaigns: I have run a campaign supported by Alaskans, and based on giving Alaska back to Alaskans - Sean Parnell, on the other hand, did zero until the 11th hour, and then has Washingtonian Outsiders try to steal the election for him."