New Berkowitz Ad & Outtake
Available on YouTube for Preview

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 19, 2010

ANCHORAGE - Today Ethan Berkowitz offered a sneak preview of his new television commerical "Dirt" on YouTube. The ad will begin airing statewide tomorrow. The YouTube clip of the commercial also includes an outtake that shouldn't be missed. Full text of the new spot can be found below.

Direct link to "Dirt":

Full Text of "Dirt":

Sean Parnell has offered nothing but political attacks.
Well no amount of dirt can hide who's wasting tax dollars.
Sean Parnell is giving TransCanada and Exxon $500 million
But didn't require them to build it!
We've been waiting 30 years for a gasline.
I'm Ethan Berkowitz.
And your Governor shouldn't waste tax dollars like that
or sit around and wait for others to get the job done.
No amount of dirt can hide that.