Devastating NPRA News Underlines How
Parnell Set Alaska Up To Fail

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 26, 2010

ANCHORAGE - The U.S. Geological Survey today released new estimates that the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska has a stunning one tenth of the oil previously estimated by federal scientists.

Ethan Berkowitz responded, "Sean Parnell authorized the biggest budgets and supported the biggest tax increase in state history. His policies led to a reduction of investment in oil and gas exploration and development. Simply, he put Alaska in harm's way, and today's devastating report from USGS show that the situation is more dire than initially feared. We are four years away from TAPS shutdown and economic collapse and Sean Parnell has failed to show the leadership we need to emerge safely from this jeopardy."

"Had Sean Parnell not championed the crippling ACES tax, we could have created incentives for investment and had two years of progress to show for the effort. Instead, he has taxed our state out of competition and Alaska has to play catch up."

"Sean Parnell recklessly signed the biggest budgets in history when we should have been saving every dollar we could. And now, on the back of the biggest tax increases and budgets in history, he says that his leadership is what will get us out of the disaster he helped create. Sean's tax and spend policies have effectively issued thousands of Alaskans their pink slips. He should be held accountable."

"I have written a plan called the Alaskan Ownership Stake that charts a new course for Alaska. Alaskans can and will have a gas pipeline and a fuller oil pipeline, new jobs, a great business climate, top notch educational and vocational opportunities, and a Governor who Alaskans can finally hold accountable. That's why I would appreciate their vote."