Walker Commits to Work With Berkowitz

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 15, 2010

[see attached letters]

ANCHORAGE - Bill Walker has committed to work with Ethan Berkowitz to finally deliver a gas pipeline. In a letter to Mr. Walker, Berkowitz stated that he believed that he and Walker shared a vision for Alaska's future and asked if Walker would commit to serving as an oil and gas adviser. Walker accepted. Copies of both letters are attached.

Ethan Berkowitz responded, "I am honored to have a commitment from Bill Walker to work with me when I am elected - not because he is among the most popular and influential Republican leaders in the state - but because Bill and I share a vision for Alaska's future. It's a vision about using Alaska's resources on our terms, on our timeline, and for the benefit of all Alaskans.

Every Alaskan should know that my key advisers will be chosen based on their integrity, their ideas and commitment to Alaska, not their political party. While Bill Walker may be the first Republican I ask to serve, he will undoubtedly not be the last, and Alaska will be better for it."